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Project Food Blog, Round 3...........

just a little shameless begging from my other blog, Orange & Salt......please take a second and vote for me? i hate to beg, but i also hate to lose. they are whittling the group down from 200 to 100, and there were many 'fancier' entries in this challenge than mine, but i don't want to lose because someone had matching dinnerware and flowers on the table and a tablecloth and i, uhh, don't have any of those things. but i put damn good food on the table. let's flood this thing with votes, shall we?? come on, lj! help a girl out. i'll dedicate my cookbook to all of you when this is all over. :)

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Just a reminder, voting for Round 3 of Project Food Blog ends TODAY, October 7th, at 6 pm PDT! Pleeeeeeease, Orange & Salt readers, if you haven't had a chance to already, click this link and vote for me by pressing the little red heart. That's it! Easy. I'm a little nervous with the competition getting steeper... this round and am hoping not to be knocked out of the race by someone who has a prettier blog font than me, or who decorated a fancier table than I did. If I lose, I at least want to lose on FOOD. And the food, let me tell you, was pretty spectacular. Oops, may I say so myself? Ha ha.

So, if you want to see more PFB2010 posts in this space, vote vote vote!!!

I'm paperthinwalls and I approve this message. Thank you for your support. ;)

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